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Wedding Venue Montgomery Tx

Wedding Venue Montgomery Tx

Almost everything about planning a wedding or getting a marriage certificate is optional. You can miss out on the attires, plan a wedding for two, or get married in the morning and go about your usual errands in the afternoon. The only thing you cannot cancel is the wedding venue; you must have a wedding venue even if you do not want an actual celebration.

The venue choice depends on the vision and aesthetic you have in mind. Some people want an open-air event, while others are more traditional and prefer the chapel-like wedding space. Choose affordable wedding venues in Montgomery TX that sit into your theme and ensures you have versatile entertainment options for guests and performers. 

What makes our wedding venue stand out?


Most couples want to have a reception and celebratory ceremony in one event. As such, you must make sure the venue accommodates all kinds of activities you want at the wedding. You also want a spot that only hosts one wedding per day, so you do not have to rush your guests into and out of the ceremony. Our wedding chapel in Montgomery TX accommodates many different activities while giving you control of the whole day and space.

Package options

The best Montgomery TX wedding venues should offer you several options to customize the catering and dining experience. Our wedding package options have different specifications, including ready suites, beverage varieties, and entertainment arrangements. In addition, the venue designs will match your wedding theme and include lights and sound systems to improve the entire experience. These specifications are the basis of our different pricing packages; hence you can always find a day or package most suitable to your budget.

Competitive staff

The best wedding venue must include supportive staff to serve you in the best way possible. We are here to take care of the entire wedding planning process with in-depth consultation of your wedding theme and budget. Wedding planners in Montgomery TX will coordinate all different requirements and requests to conceptualize the best possible designs and offer custom décor with each package. In addition, the staff will recommend additional services to improve the entire experience, take in additional questions, and plan a contract agreement that aligns with your wedding process.

Better overall quality

Any place you choose as your wedding venue must be intimate, clean, and unique. Make sure you choose a wedding venue with a banquet hall in Montgomery TX that is already prepared, so you have to do neither the décor nor cleaning. Our wedding venue has an overall clean ambiance and structural stability. We rise to the occasion by ensuring proper working of each system at all times, which means we do the due diligence of regular repair and maintenance, upgrades, and replacements.

Beautiful traditional location

The Carriage House has an impressive modern yet rustic venue with manicured gardens and eye-catching backdrops. The picturesque views give the ambiance of a tasteful countryside wedding ceremony both inside and outside the chapel. We are ready to let you in on more specific benefits you can get from our business, including military discounts, the flexibility of bringing your vendors, and many more. Schedule a free tour today to see if our wedding chapel in Montgomery TX is suitable for your big day.


Wedding Venue Montgomery Tx
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Wedding Venue Montgomery Tx
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